Accidents happen

So as with all my project shoot. I like to start early in the morning. So, things as normal when I’m working with Amanda on a project. We start with hair and makeup which was done by our good friend and makeup artist Maya. Since Maya could not may it to the shoot, we stop at Maya house for hair and makeup, then on to the shoot. Which was an hour drive from Maya's house. Now that we got hair, makeup, donuts and small talk. We’re headed out for our shoot. This is where things kind of go downhill lol. We pull up to the house for the shoot and Amanda started gets all her stuff from the truck and with both hands full. As she walking to the house, she trips on a high spot in the concrete. Going knees first, then hands, then face. Omg, I was very worried and hoping she was okay. She got up fast and said (I’m ok, I’m ok) and started back walking. I ask Amanda are you ok, let me know if you hurt yourself. She said again I’m ok, but my knee hurt a little. I reply let’s check it out in the house. Yep, a scraped knee, but she didn’t want me to make a big deal out of it and said I’m ok and let get ready and set up for the shoot.

Scraped knee_39699.jpg