Sunrise Fashion shoot

Awesome sunrise fashion shoot with the amazing Xiomara. Although this has a little bit of that urban lifestyle feel to it. I'll still think fashion more suit this shoot.

A look at re-editing older work.

So as I was looking back at some of my work in 2015, I started thinking, did my editing skills get better? So in 2015, I was working in Lightroom V5. But now in 2019, I'm working in Lightroom Classic with a lot of improvements over version 5. So Let's see my results. The comparison from 2015 on the left and edit in 2019 on the right.

Business and Fashion

It’s been awhile since the last time we work together on a shoot. But she a very amazing model and she always bring her A game to the shoot. Maybe we’ll get around to shooting a updated version of this. Shot in 2017.

Cars and Fashion

Bodysuit and heels are not what I would call fashion. But sometimes the right model can may this look so in fashion.
Model: Amanda
MUA: Maria Dawley

Classic Beauty

((( Lifestyle shoot )))

I don't know if I can call this a lifestyle shoot, thinking more like fashion. But still, do love this shot.


Accidents happen

So as with all my project shoot. I like to start early in the morning. So, things as normal when I’m working with Amanda on a project. We start with hair and makeup which was done by our good friend and makeup artist Maya. Since Maya could not may it to the shoot, we stop at Maya house for hair and makeup, then on to the shoot. Which was an hour drive from Maya's house. Now that we got hair, makeup, donuts and small talk. We’re headed out for our shoot. This is where things kind of go downhill lol. We pull up to the house for the shoot and Amanda started gets all her stuff from the truck and with both hands full. As she walking to the house, she trips on a high spot in the concrete. Going knees first, then hands, then face. Omg, I was very worried and hoping she was okay. She got up fast and said (I’m ok, I’m ok) and started back walking. I ask Amanda are you ok, let me know if you hurt yourself. She said again I’m ok, but my knee hurt a little. I reply let’s check it out in the house. Yep, a scraped knee, but she didn’t want me to make a big deal out of it and said I’m ok and let get ready and set up for the shoot.

Scraped knee_39699.jpg

My world of photography

So day going through my social media feed, I ran across a feed that made me feel a little sad today. Kevin of Foto houze is closing his store at the end of the month. Kevin is the one who develops my film and I been going to him for about a little over two years. Someone developing your film is like a barber who can give you that perfect lining. But this is not the end of Kevin in the photography world, but the next chapter in his book. Brother, I learn so much from you and will miss hanging out and talk about photography.

Business cards

So I got the business back and have to say, I’m loving them. It’s always a little scary when you have no ideas on how your design is going to turn out.

So the print company I use is Got and love their quality of work. Plus turn around time was about a week and a half.

2019 New business cards

I have not made business cards since 2013 and was thinking why do I need them. But now with the new studio and web design. Business cards are still a good networking tools to have. So now with the new business design, got a hard task to get a image to add to the card. This is a very important task, because this one or two images will be representing my photography business, hmmmm.

Digitizing 35MM film

I always love to shoot film, therefore after I complete a roll of film, I’ll take it down to Foto houze in Downers Grove to get it developed by my good friend Kevin the owner. Once I get the film back, I’ll cut and scan it on my Canon CanoScan 9000F. The higher the resolution I want, the slower the scan. Taking up to 18 minutes for 12 images. A roll of 36 exposures would take me about an hour to scan, plus the images would not be sharp and would be scanned as JPG.

One day I was looking to upgrade my scanner to the Epson V850, since this was a heavy investment, I wanted to make sure that this would give me the results I was looking for. One day looking over reviews, I ran across a Youtuber by the name of Mat Day and reviewed how he was going about scanning his film. I found he was not using a scanner, instead he uses his DSLR camera. Therefore, with the gear I already have, plus a quick trip to the hardware store I finally got the results I was looking for. Oh, plus a software plugin for Light Room called Negative Lab Pro.